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metaWERK invests in real estate for the driving growth producers in the production and service industries.
At selected locations, which are kept as long-term assets by metaWERK, the investments extend to office space,
shopping facilities as well as apartment buildings and healthcare facilities.
Criteria for typical investments by metaWERK are:

- Good growth prospects for the client's industry branch as well as the property location
- Reliable relationships between client and tenant.
- Multifunctional usability of the property
- Every investment must meet the requirement to fit into the long-term metaWERK asset portfolio, regardless of a decision to put the property on the market, or to hold on to it.

The metaWERK investment board makes fast, purposeful decisions and remains in close contact with the client.
metaWERK's credo is to have a compete understanding of our client's business and to provide 
dynamic support with the properties it develops.


New Logistics Hall
for VW in Meerane


VW expands Operations
at Meerane Hub


VW Parts for Electric Ford
Meerane as central Hub


Battery Plant built in record time
at metaWERK Leipzig


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