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metaWERK AG is a privately owned, independent German corporation headquartered in Berlin with offices in Munich, Leipzig, Giessen and Zwickau. Our investment activities are conducted in a network of like-minded shareholders and partners.
The Executive Board sees itself as a management team and is comprised of experienced industry experts with years of expertise together.

metaWERK AG incorporates project and service companies for the implementation of ongoing projects, and under the umbrella of metaWERK Holding AG Property Companies as holding companies for real property held in its own portfolio.

The metaWERK management has a transparent, direct and immediate decision-making authority and has been successful in creating reliable and trusted business partnerships that last many years. 

Responsibility, sustainability and a quite conservative understanding of reliability in business cooperation characterize the corporate values ​​of metaWERK AG.We value flat hierarchies, consideration, team building, honest exchange of arguments and discussion dedicated to finding the best solution for the challenges ahead.