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Each project is led by a key account manager who bears and accepts full responsibility for the client.  
The key accounts are interdisciplinary teams who consult with specialists and generalists. 
Therefore all core project activities will be successfully processed and completed.


metaWERK has 21 years of experience in the design, planning and implementation of new construction projects as well as the repositioning of existing properties. 
Our customers from industry and logistics need fast and timely implementation of their location and real estate decisions.
Every successful project requires expertise and care. 

The metaWERK project management combines these demanding challenges for a well-managed complete project.
Ambitious completion deadlines and strict adherence to deadlines for compliance with the investment budget are long-standing 
metaWERK success parameters that help minimize cost, overlap and time overruns.


All relationships between the customer and metaWERK are established in one single contract.
metaWERK completely takes over the property investment. 
Except for the transfer agreement, there are no costs for our customers. 
metaWERK is solely responsible for the outsourcing of the entire design, planning and implementation of the project.